A Little Backstory


I am so glad you have stumbled upon my blog! This is a first for me, I have never written a blog, nor do I contribute much to social media but I want to share my experience, hopefully help someone who is seeking an adventure or is a little afraid to do so…and hopefully de-stress a little along the way. Care to join me?

 First, a little about me! I am 29, from Denver, I have been married for 2.5 years and currently I build a charting system called Epic for cardiology clinicians. I have 2 big, loveable dogs and a 17 year old cat. I know. FASCINATING. Generally speaking, my life is quite the opposite. My Husband and I are possibly the least adventurous people I have ever met. We are home bodies, excellent planners, and horrid control freaks. We like everything to be a certain way and we enjoy being comfortable. Welp, that sounds like it would be about the most boring blog of all time so WHY am I writing about it?

 Last November, I would have told you this: We have been blessed with a very nice life. We own a beautiful house that is entirely too big for two people, we have very stable jobs and make enough money that we literally have everything we have ever wanted. Correction: my darling husband is still dying for an ATV which I promised him he could have but we will come back to that later. We live near friends and family and are at the age where all of our friends and siblings are getting married and having babies and it would seem that that would be the path we should be on as well. But then things happened. Big, terrifying, amazing, exciting things. Things like every opportunity either of us have ever wanted.


Life is a comedian so naturally, all of the things would happen all at one time, in completely different places. In November, we had a quiet, boring but very comfortable life. In December, I was accepted into medical school on the lovely island of Grand Cayman. About a week later, Don was head hunted, interviewed, and offered a brand new, very exciting position…in Wisconsin. I am not GREAT with geography but I know those two places are not only very far from each other, but both of them are also very far from Colorado.

  SO…what are our options? Do we pick I opportunity so that we can stay together? Do we pick neither so we can stay here? what about the house? What do we do with our beautiful house and gorgeous garden and yard? Do we choose to take both opportunities and live apart for 18 months? That conversation was the strangest combination of terrifying and exciting and utterly heartbreaking. It is bizarre how well joy and pain go together.

  3months later we are settled in Wisconsin, in a Frank Lloyd Wright style rental house, with gorgeous views and an acre of land. I leave for St. Matthew’s School of Medicine in 37 days. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “A Little Backstory

  1. I worked with your Mom years ago in SICU and have met all you kids (well you were back then), am sure you don’t remember me, but will be looming forward in following you and your hubbie as you both start out on this next journey. Marsha Kessler

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