1 Week/7 Days/168 Hours to Panic

Hey There!

For all of you following the wacky adventures of Sarah, here is where I am at:

Today is my first day of being unemployed. Technically it is Saturday, so whether or not I am employed is somewhat irrelevant…but to me, it matters! On Monday, I will not go back to the job that I love, my very nice salary, my amazing team. Yes, I do mean AMAZING…Chelse, Jill, Hodo, Liana…I know you are all reading this….AMAZING. Thanks Ladies. Now, the reason for being unemployed; 1 week from today (1 week = 7 days = 168 hours = OMG WHAT AM I DOING) I am moving to the Cayman Islands for Medical school. This is absolutely the biggest chance I have ever taken on anything ever and I am BEYOND terrified. Adding to this terror are all of the hiccups I have encountered along the way. Between rejections from traditional schools, finances, lost paperwork, moving across the country, working….oh man…I am starting to retroactively panic. Is that even a thing?!?! Can you panic about all of the things you WERE doing all at one time? Maybe it is a flashback. I’m not really sure so maybe we should re-direct for all of our sanity.

OK…SO….now that I have regained focus (we all hope)…1 week from today I will move to Grand Cayman. I have jumped over every hurtle I have encountered (ok, lets be fucking serious, I have more or less crawled under the hurtles or, if you can picture a 120lb woman trying to crawl over a literal hurtle and falling, that…I have done that…let’s just call it powering through) and now I am ALMOST there. My most recent adventure came Friday when I was notified that (in addition to this office having already lost some of my medical paperwork) the admissions office had never received my police certificate. The “police certificate” is essentially a background check that I had sent previously but it didn’t have a raised seal so it needed to be notarized so I had to order another NOTARIZED copy which should have been to the school last Wednesday but they say they haven’t received it yet. <—-This should win an award for the best run on sentence. However, because my police certificate had not yet been received, Adriana informed me that I would not be able to start until the fall semester. Have I mentioned that I already quit my job? Not to mention the non-refundable plane tickets that have been purchased by my husband and mother….ya…fall is just not going to work for us.

So, I am almost 30. I will be 30 in exactly 58 days. Most 30 year olds I know don’t need their mommies. I need mine. I very clearly need mine. I sent my mom a text message on Friday that said, “Adriana e-mailed me. If they don’t get my police certificate today, I can’t start until fall. Who knows if they even have it. They lose stuff”. My mom spent the next several hours researching numbers for the chancellor of the college, who she proceeded to call and express her frustration to. He is apparently a very nice man and now, I have options. Adriana emailed me back (in direct opposition to her last email) and said they would take an electronic copy for the moment until they received the hard copy. Also, apparently, they allow students to start up to a week late…because “these things happen”. Wow…I am so glad that the admissions officers were so willing to help me…oh…wait….

OYE – this was intended to be a much lighter post so lets redirect. I have figured out my finances, thanks to my mommy-in-law (seriously, I am nearly 30 and need the help of 2 mommies…thank goodness I am blessed enough to have them!!), I have a room, its on the first floor, facing the pool/courtyard, and I have found a very professional, gorgeous dress to wear to my white coat ceremony. We spent today figuring out phone service, which has the added challenge of switching services to actually have service in Wisconsin in addition to trying to figure out how to have a phone on the island. This week, I am ordering my books and having them sent over. Most of all, for the next 7 days, I have every intention of spending as much time as possible with my adoring husband, my sweet puppies, and my very old kitty. I love my life here (as short a time as we have been here) and it makes me nothing short of heart sick to leave it. AND I know that in the end it will be worth it.

WHY am I taking the harder road? To be a Doctor. There will be a lot…A LOT of bumps along the way but it will be worth it every time.

2 thoughts on “1 Week/7 Days/168 Hours to Panic

  1. You are amazing. I love how authentic you are here and how I can hear your voice hilariously reading this to me in my head. I miss you so much already. You have been through so much and you’re right– it will absolutely be worth it. I cannot wait until I can call you Dr. Rohrig, Dr. Sarah, Dr. Ladyface or whatever you want. Love you!

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