Welcome to the Party

Hey all, welcome back.

Exciting news…I am officially half way through my time on the island. Officially as of last Monday. I completed block 2 of my 3rd semester…and that means HALF WAY. Thank freaking goodness. My sweet husband left today. He was here for the last week and it was amazing.  We celebrated the half way mark, swam with stingrays, and generally just spent time being together. Today he left….so now I am OBVIOUSLY having a pity party…welcome; thank you for joining. I was planning to study when he left but instead I got in to bed at 6:30, realized how pathetic that is, and decided to whine at you fine people. To be clear, I am still IN my bed…but I am sitting up. I should get points for that. Le Sigh. Being far apart is HARD. Medical school is hard. Everything is hard. ⇐super whiney voice. Waahhh.

OK, done complaining. Let’s get you all caught up.

I will write a more dedicated post later with the details of 2nd semester but for now, here is a brief overview of last semester and this one so far:

I HATED 2nd semester. I fought depression and anxiety the entire 13 weeks, I was not particularly fond of the classes, and I was fairly certain the whole time that this entire venture was a very, very expensive mistake. I was also relatively sure that I failed and was only going to return to the island to get my stuff. I put off checking my scores for so long that I am pretty sure my mom wanted to strangle me. That would have been quite the feat since I was in Wisconsin and she was in Denver…but I know better than to underestimate her. I eventually looked, I passed everything, I moved on to 3rd semester, and now we are back to the half way thing. Woo-hoo!

Thus far, despite the horribly painful start to this semester, I am significantly happier and doing infinitely better in my classes than I was last semester. So far, 3rd semester over all is much better. This semesters classes are: Neuroscience, Microbiology, Behavioral health, and PD 2. Unfortunately, the number of classes means we are at school 8-5 most days (rather than 8-3). We also have 3 shelf exams at the end of this semester rather than the 2 we normally take so we will be on the island for an extra day. Wait…wasn’t I just saying 3rd is better? Well….at least my mental health is better (not counting today’s pity party) and that is half the battle.

In 52 days, semester 3 will be over and I will be 3/5 of the way done. I need to be reminded at least twice a day that this will be worth it; the being away from my husband and family will be worth it, and ultimately will benefit them along with fulfilling my dreams. Sometimes I remind myself. When I forget, I am lucky enough to have my husband and our parents behind me tirelessly reminding me. This past week was additional reinforcement. I am so proud of how strong my husband and I have become. Being away from him came with so much uncertainty…how would it affect our relationship? The life we have built? Would we fight? Would we grow apart? Would he resent me? I am fiercely proud to say we are as strong as ever. If anything, we have become even stronger (we were pretty awesome to begin with), have learned to appreciate one another even more and we are counting down the time until we can be together again (I re-read this and am well aware of how dramatic it sounds….and I don’t care).

Sunset with hubs
I am so proud of us.


Well, for those of you that made it to the end of this very loosely associated stream of consciousness…I commend you. Thanks for meandering with me, I feel better. Now, I am going to go to bed (it is no longer pathetic for me to do that) and am planning to wake up with renewed motivation, sans pity party.

I promise there will be a more focused post, specifically about school coming soon….stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Party

  1. I am so proud of you my dear friend!!!!
    It warms my heart to hear your story and how you and Don are doing despite the distance.
    You are truly and inspiration to many! ❤️
    Love, your big seester 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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