Its been a year! My Islandversary Part I

OH MAN…guys…I have been on the island for an entire year. It’s my islandversary! Here for a full year AND now I also have the first week of fourth semester is under my belt. BUT the light at the end of the tunnel…I can see it…I think. It may be a train…hmm..time will tell. In other news, whilst coming up with the word ‘islandversary’, I realized that I have been sadly remiss at keeping you all up to date on the school things! So let’s rectify that, shall we?

My Overview of Semester 2:

HOKAY SO, as previously mentioned, my 2nd semester was clouded by HORRIBLE anxiety which was nicely accented by ensuing depression. I am going to do my best to give you an unbiased account buuuut I make no real promises so find yourself several grains of salt and bear with me.

The classes 2nd semester are Biochemistry, Physiology, Genetics, and Biostatistics. The class schedule is 8am-3pm at the latest but we were frequently released early….twice because the classroom was so cold the professor decided it was too cold to teach. Damn that AC.

I found Genetics and Physiology very interesting. I did not find the subject of Genetics terribly difficult, but the real challenge came while trying to understand the professor. He mumbles and has an incredibly thick accent…he also tells not funny jokes and then laughs at them (which makes you laugh whether you want to or not), is incredibly dedicated to his students, and is willing to do literally anything to help his students succeed. So, when you are frustrated and drifting toward freak out, take a deep breath. He grows on you, somewhat against your will.

Physiology is interesting but HARD. Fortunately for us, the professors are amazing. They are not only excellent teachers but are also fully dedicated. Go see them. They will quiz you mercilessly…which will destroy your pride but ultimately will help you out. Your pride isn’t doing you any good anyways. The exams are really difficult, but I was very well prepared for the shelf exam – which is the end goal anyway.

Biostats is not interesting but it is only 2 days a week, thank goodness. Plan on teaching it to yourself. I’ll leave it at that.

Biochemistry….oye. I detest the subject of chemistry. I don’t find it at all interesting. The professor does make the subject matter more interesting and he teaches it well but (in my completely biased and somewhat sassy opinion), he picks and chooses his favorite students and puts far more effort into helping those few. Lucky them. He also pays lots of attention – he WILL notice if you skip class/are on your phone/are asleep…and he will call you out. It will be mildly entertaining for everyone else (I was part of the everyone else – go to class, people). I also found his exams unnecessarily hard which is crappy while you are trying to pass but awesome once you get to shelf…which is NOT as hard.

So like I said – 2nd semester was NOT my favorite. BUT, on the plus side – I figured out my study style. I thank the genetics professor for this since I had to find a way to study that did not involve listening but reading power point slides JUST does not work for me. I found a crazy program that converts power points into really cohesive documents. It’s awesome – it is called Sway. Notes are totally not what it is intended for but I love it! This does, however, mean I print more. I’m sorry, trees; I print double sided….in small font..promise.

Well, like I said – grains of salt. I do not miss 2nd semester. It was hard to come back. The shiny newness of medical school was gone and replaced by anxiety, loneliness, and the reality of the very long road ahead. That being said, I did it!!! If I did, anyone can! Believe in yourself and work really freakin’ hard. It is doable.

Above all, ask for help when you need it. Remember, your pride isn’t doing you any good anyways.


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