A Positive Message

By ivetteromero This is a fascinating article about Caribbean Medical Schools and what they have to offer: It’s easy to dismiss the for-profit medical schools that dot many a Caribbean island as scams, set up to woo unqualified students who rack up huge debts, drop out in staggering numbers, and — if they make it to graduation […] via Why the United States is No Longer … Continue reading A Positive Message

Student Visa? I Could So Easily Freak Out Right Now.

27 days until I start school! EEEEK! I am doing my very best to get ready for school while also working and I have been frequently finding myself right on the edge of panic. Presently, I am in Colorado Springs for work. I promised to stay on through the end of the project and that means coming back to CO, living in a hotel room, … Continue reading Student Visa? I Could So Easily Freak Out Right Now.

Apply, Wait, Wait, Wait..

It was not an easy decision, applying to an off shore school. I went through two application cycles with traditional schools. I was even invited to interview at University of Colorado. However, after two years, upwards of thirty schools and spending an absurd amount of money, I was very sweetly informed by one of my interviewers that I just didn’t quite fit the mold. To … Continue reading Apply, Wait, Wait, Wait..